Favorite Affordable Foundation

I worked for Clinique and Borghese in my 20’s. During this time I would try many of the other cosmetic lines foundation. I would eventually stick with Laura Mercier foundation and powder for years. After starting FAVVES I would look for something more affordable for someone trying to start a company. I found L’ORÉAL True Match. For many years cosmetic companies would give you limited colors. Many would have a red or blue undertone. I have neutral skin so I was happy to find True Match. It is the perfect color at a great price and has SPF. And another important detail is that I can pick it up at most grocery stores and pharmacies. I still like the department store brands, but when you get a little older you think more about retirement or spending money on adventures. And I don’t think anyone has noticed my foundation has changed from when I worked in the department store. There are a couple of department brand cosmetics I continue to splurge on. You will notice those in other posts.

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Favorite Lip Balm

This is a quick post about my favorite lip balm. I like just about everything with the smell of grapefruit…candles, soap, cleaning solutions, and now lip balm. My go-to lip balm always in my purse is BURT’S BEES Pink Grapefruit balm. I think BURT’S BEES has made some amazing products so I am not surprised at how moisturizing and smooth this lip balm is. I highly recommend it!

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Start of FAVVES

Overview of Blog

Welcome to my site! My name is Lisa. I am an entrepreneur that has been working on a social networking site only about favorites. I don’t care about what people like, I want to know your favorites. Restaurants, Makeup, Vacation Destinations, Cleaning Products, Wine, Hair Dresser….anything. I came up with the idea when I was feeling too tired to go to Target to buy my favorite soap. I bought a replacement soap at the grocery store….it was terrible. I wondered at that time….what are others’ go to, favorites?

I will write about my favorites here. None of these posts are paid by a vendor. Feel free to add your favorites in the comments. I am very interested to see what your favorites are. I might change mine! Go to or our app for more favorites posted by others and me. Don’t forget we are a startup – not all the bells and whistles are working. And I am sure my grammar is not always correct.

A little bit more about me. I was brought up in Minnesota and then moved to Newport Beach, CA for 17 years. I currently live with my boyfriend of almost 4 years in the West Palm Beach area. He is from Germany. We like to travel, spend time with friends and family, BBQ on our patio drinking wine and work on projects around the house and yard. Feel free to follow/friend me on Facebook and Instagram.