Favorite Affordable Foundation

I worked for Clinique and Borghese in my 20’s. During this time I would try many of the other cosmetic lines foundation. I would eventually stick with Laura Mercier foundation and powder for years. After starting FAVVES I would look for something more affordable for someone trying to start a company. I found L’ORÉAL True Match. For many years cosmetic companies would give you limited colors. Many would have a red or blue undertone. I have neutral skin so I was happy to find True Match. It is the perfect color at a great price and has SPF. And another important detail is that I can pick it up at most grocery stores and pharmacies. I still like the department store brands, but when you get a little older you think more about retirement or spending money on adventures. And I don’t think anyone has noticed my foundation has changed from when I worked in the department store. There are a couple of department brand cosmetics I continue to splurge on. You will notice those in other posts.

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Favorite Face Exfoliator

A friend of mine told me about Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash about 10 years ago. From the first minute I tried it I was hooked. The scrub is like sugar. I feel like the little granules clean better than other traditional exfoliators. The downside is that I need to remove the cap to get to the product. I don’t know if others have an easier time with the cap, or if it is just me. I just use a drop and the bottle lasts a long time.

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Favorite Dog – Sad Post

I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks. My fur baby Sam passed away. I have always loved pugs and can’t imagine having any other dog. Sam was almost 14 years old and went thru some hard times with me. I will never forget our road trip from California to Florida almost 2 years ago. He was a constant energy within 2 feet of me. His strong personality drove me crazy at times, but now I miss his bark. I thought he would live forever. God had a plan and early one morning 2 weeks ago he had a stroke and I knew it was time. Fortunately my parents from Minnesota and my sister were visiting. My boyfriend was out of town. He fell asleep in my arms at the vet. Anyway, I haven’t been feeling creative so I haven’t been able to post. Time is starting to heal. I was so blessed to have him so long. And the outpouring of love from family and friends has been overwhelming. ♥️

Sam on his favorite carpet.

With his friend Batia. She went to heaven before him last year. I have peace knowing they are together.

Living on Balboa Island

My favorite picture of us.

One of the last pictures of Sam. The post was to promote a new food he liked…as well as the bowl we used to feed him. Great bowl for dogs that inhale their food.

So glad to have his sister with us. They were a month a part in age.

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Favorite Window Cleaner

I am a little obsessed with clean windows/glass. In the past I used the standard Windex glass cleaner. While visiting a client in Palm Beach, I noticed her house had such a clean smell. I asked her maid what she was using and she showed me Windex Disinfectant Cleaner Multi-Surface with Glade Rainshower. I have a full bottle of the standard Windex at home, but couldn’t wait to try the Windex with Glade Rainshower smell. I think it cleans better than the standard cleaner.


Favorite Spice

After we moved to Florida we started to buy more frozen fish from Publix. A local professional fisherman told us that frozen fish can be better than fresh raw fish. Frozen fish is flash frozen on the boat…killing things we may not want to eat. Anyway, there is a guy ther works in the fish department at our local Publix that recommended Magic Seasoning Blends…Blackened Redfish Magic. We put it on all of our fish…and steaks! I highly recommend this seasoning.