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Favorite Paint for Doors and Trim

By this post, you can tell what I worked on this past week. Painting baseboards and doors. Dirty, scuffed up baseboards have always been a pet-peeve of mine. Freshly painted baseboards can liven up a dull room.

It would be so nice when a person sells their home that they would leave a list of paint used in the home. The previous owner left old paint cans that were almost empty of various paints, some matched current colors in the home…some didn’t . Our baseboards and doors ranged in colors of bright white, warm white, and white painted over black with one coat. Our house has a couple of pocket doors…doors that slide in to a wall. Our master bathroom has a pocket door that has the color described above as white paint painted over black.
From previous listings of our house I found that the master bathroom had all black tile and paint with touches of red. Since we have moved in this door has bothered me. I figured since no one really sees it, it could go to the bottom of my list of to do items. I had some extra time this weekend and decided to tackle this project.

Back to the paint. My favorite for trim and doors is White Dove in high gloss. I work with a designer socialite in Palm Beach and she said you should always use high gloss on trim and doors. It is a personal preference, but I have adapted it as my own personal preference. High gloss paint is so easy to clean. The White Dove color is a great neutral that could be used with cool or warm colors. In my office I have White Dove in a semi-gloss. You wouldn’t want to use a high gloss on a big bookcase, it can be too much gloss. I also found on my bookcase that I needed to bring in a professional to paint it. There is too much detail for a brush or a roller. We hired someone to come in to spray the bookcase for a nice finish.