Hofbrauhaus, Munich, Germany

Every trip to Munich should include a stop by the Hofbrahaus. Even if you don’t drink you should stop by to see the decor and get a feeling of old school Germany. I was amazed at the art on the ceiling. For some I thought the Hofbrahaus would be much bigger. Don’t get me wrong…it is big…but I had images in my head of it being more like the one in Las Vegas. Lol! We spent a little bit more tome there than what we thought we would. But, met some fun people. One couple joined us on our tour of castle Neuschwanstein the next day.

Love this big beer. Don’t like how I look in it! The weather is much drier than Florida. And I admit, we had been to a couple of other pubs before this one. It shows.

The locals have a table specially reserved for them. Next time…we are dressing up!

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One of my Favorite German Beers

I am not sure if you have read enough of my blog to know that my partner of almost 4 years is German. He is from the Frankfurt area. Needless to say, there is always a variety of beer in our refrigerator. We do have a light beer most of the time. I will post about our favorite light beer another day. Today I would like to talk about Schofferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen. I LOVE this beer. Notice I like to drink it out of a wine glass. It feels too special to just drink it from the can or a beer glass….and it is such a pretty beer. Lol! I am using a plastic glass as we usually drink it on a hot day by the pool. Even if you don’t like beer, I feel you will enjoy this beer.