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Favorite Everyday Shoe Brand

I do a lot of running around during the day so I like to wear comfortable shoes. My go-to shoe in California was always my flip-flops.  After moving to Florida I discovered Grasshoppers, a shoe brand that is comfortable and stylish. The shoe pictured is worn most days…shopping, working, boating, for walks, and casually dressed up at night. Grasshoppers can be found at Kohl’s, Zappos, DSW and at many other stores and websites.

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Favorite Face Exfoliator

A friend of mine told me about Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash about 10 years ago. From the first minute I tried it I was hooked. The scrub is like sugar. I feel like the little granules clean better than other traditional exfoliators. The downside is that I need to remove the cap to get to the product. I don’t know if others have an easier time with the cap, or if it is just me. I just use a drop and the bottle lasts a long time.


Favorite Affordable Face Powder

One of the first makeup products I was introduced to as a teenager was face powder. I was impressed how it made my teenage skin look so much better. I learned about foundation in my early 20’s. I worked for Clinique and Borghese and was able to try many face powders. As I made more money in my 30’s I would try more expensive powders. My go-to powder now is Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless presses powder. I like the color 120. It is a nice neutral color without too much red or yellow. Easy to pick up in most grocery stores and pharmacies. Also affordable to have one in my purse and makeup drawer. The powder gives a flawless look over my freckles and skin discoloration. I use this in addition to L’Oreal True Match foundation. More to come on that foundation in another post.

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Favorite Dog – Sad Post

I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks. My fur baby Sam passed away. I have always loved pugs and can’t imagine having any other dog. Sam was almost 14 years old and went thru some hard times with me. I will never forget our road trip from California to Florida almost 2 years ago. He was a constant energy within 2 feet of me. His strong personality drove me crazy at times, but now I miss his bark. I thought he would live forever. God had a plan and early one morning 2 weeks ago he had a stroke and I knew it was time. Fortunately my parents from Minnesota and my sister were visiting. My boyfriend was out of town. He fell asleep in my arms at the vet. Anyway, I haven’t been feeling creative so I haven’t been able to post. Time is starting to heal. I was so blessed to have him so long. And the outpouring of love from family and friends has been overwhelming. ♥️

Sam on his favorite carpet.

With his friend Batia. She went to heaven before him last year. I have peace knowing they are together.

Living on Balboa Island

My favorite picture of us.

One of the last pictures of Sam. The post was to promote a new food he liked…as well as the bowl we used to feed him. Great bowl for dogs that inhale their food.

So glad to have his sister with us. They were a month a part in age.

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Favorite Special Occasion Restaurant in the Bahamas

On our recent trip to Nassau for my boyfriends 50th birthday, we were looking for somewhere special to celebrate. We went to the terrace at Dune Restaurant. This Michelin starred restaurant located close to the Atlantis hotel, is located at the Four Seasons Resort. We started the evening walking the beach and then enjoying a birthday cocktail in the lounge that overlooks the ocean. Dinner was served outside on the terrace. Our server was very helpful when we couldn’t decide on what to order. It was a beautiful night. I highly recommend this restaurant on the ocean for any occasion.

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Favorite Shower Glass Cleaner

I almost forgot about this favorite. My sister is visiting this week and asked me if I cleaned the glass after she took a shower. I was a little puzzled. She said the glass is so clean it looks like I just cleaned it. I discovered Magic Shower Glass and Mirror Cleaner about 6 months ago. It works so well. I also use it on a glass sink. One thing I would disclose is that I used it on a couple of mirrors and it left the mirrors a little smeary. Maybe I am not using it correctly on mirrors. I highly recommend Magic for glass shower doors or any glass that water touches. It is so much easier than using a squeegee.