Mainz, Germany 2019

Matthias is off to work. I have time to post some pics from the weekend. We were just in Mainz September last year so there will be an additional post for the 2018 trip.

Friday night we walked around Mainz. We stopped by a cute old restaurant hoping they would be serving white asparagus…and they were. It was a small restaurant run by a cute couple in their 70’s? The Mrs. recommended that we order ham and potatoes with our asparagus. It was the best meal I have ever had in Germany. We continued our night walking around the city and came across a wine festival. We met some new friends there. After a couple of hours we decided to go back to the hotel. We were hoping to get up early and drive to Munich. We were not on the road as early as we hoped.


Travel – First Stop Mainz

We made it to Mainz, Germany! It was a long day of travel on the train to Miami and then flying in to Frankfurt. With the passing of our dog it was possible that I could accompany Matthias on his next business trip. With our dog having health issues in the past I didn’t want to travel. Finding someone to stay at the house with a cat…very easy. Anyway, we made it to a couple of pubs the first night. We were just in Mainz last year so we will not be touring the cathedral again. This trip will take us to Munich to visit Hofbrauhaus and Neuschwanstein Castle, Amsterdam to see the tulips, and ending in San Antonio for a conference.

Food and Drink

Favorite Berries

Sorry for not posting so much lately. I have been studying for my real estate test in Florida. I didn’t want to sell real estate again, but I do enjoy meeting people and making money while working on FAVVES is also welcomed.

If you like my travel posts, check back over the next two weeks. We will be going on some fun adventures.

FAVVES is for anything that is a favorite. My mom and dad stay with us in Florida for a couple of months during the winter. They usually introduce us to something we work in to our menu at the house. This year was the frozen mixed berries. I LOVE berries, especially blueberries. They can be expensive at times. My parents like to buy them at Walmart. We buy them at our local Publix. We pour frozen berries in to a container we keep in the refrigerator and then they are ready for quick consumption. Favorite ways to eat these berries…#1 for me is with whipped cream…otherwise we use them in smoothies, yogurt, topping for pancakes, crepes with sherry, or just plain.

Enjoy your week!

Home Decor

Favorite Paint for Doors and Trim

By this post, you can tell what I worked on this past week. Painting baseboards and doors. Dirty, scuffed up baseboards have always been a pet-peeve of mine. Freshly painted baseboards can liven up a dull room.

It would be so nice when a person sells their home that they would leave a list of paint used in the home. The previous owner left old paint cans that were almost empty of various paints, some matched current colors in the home…some didn’t . Our baseboards and doors ranged in colors of bright white, warm white, and white painted over black with one coat. Our house has a couple of pocket doors…doors that slide in to a wall. Our master bathroom has a pocket door that has the color described above as white paint painted over black.
From previous listings of our house I found that the master bathroom had all black tile and paint with touches of red. Since we have moved in this door has bothered me. I figured since no one really sees it, it could go to the bottom of my list of to do items. I had some extra time this weekend and decided to tackle this project.

Back to the paint. My favorite for trim and doors is White Dove in high gloss. I work with a designer socialite in Palm Beach and she said you should always use high gloss on trim and doors. It is a personal preference, but I have adapted it as my own personal preference. High gloss paint is so easy to clean. The White Dove color is a great neutral that could be used with cool or warm colors. In my office I have White Dove in a semi-gloss. You wouldn’t want to use a high gloss on a big bookcase, it can be too much gloss. I also found on my bookcase that I needed to bring in a professional to paint it. There is too much detail for a brush or a roller. We hired someone to come in to spray the bookcase for a nice finish.

Reviews, Travel

Review – Doha, Qatar


FAVVES is not only about favorites, it is also about Reviews and Wish Lists.

Three years ago we visited Dubai and Doha. Doha is the capital of Qatar.  My boyfriend has spent quite a bit of time in Doha on a project in the past, so he was the perfect tour guide.  I highly recommend Qatar Airways.  I would say that is one of the cleanest and most updated plane I have ever been on.  The main airport in Doha is Hamad International.  It is a very clean and safe airport.  

I loved this trip.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from Doha.  I was surprised to find this city charming, safe and full of history.  Ladies make sure to dress modestly and you won’t have any problems. Also public displays of affection are not a good idea.  

Standing next to Dhows for rent. Diplomatic area of Doha behind us.

Map of Doha and Dubai

img_3536Official mascot Orry the Oryx on the Corniche. Official mascot of the 2006 Asian Games, now being used for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Bid Ladies that lunch. Qatari women are not allowed to drink. In fact alcohol is only served in hotels. So instead of drinking, many Qataris smoke Dokha or Shisha.  Unlike Shisha,  Dokha is not cured with molasses. Dokha has higher concentration of nicotine compared to other forms of tobacco.

Souq Waqif

A must visit area is the Souq Waqif.  It is a market with a labyrinth of stores.  I was so impressed with the colorful spice stores.  You definitely get the feel of the history and culture of Qatar. Although it dates back a couple of hundred years, it was updated in 2006 to traditional Qatari architectural style.  It would be the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine to people watch…if only wine was allowed.  


Villagio Mall

We also stopped by the Villagio Mall. I am not much for shopping, but was told this is a mall you have to see.  I felt like we were at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.  As we followed the canals thru the mall we were in awe of much it looked like the Venetian.  Painted ceilings to look like the sky were unbelievable.  Canals with Gondola rides.  Was Villagio to duplicate Venice or the Venetian?  Hard to say…worth stopping by this mall.


Hyatt Doha

We are Hilton Honors members.  We were pleasantly surprised we were upgraded to the penthouse suite.  Floor to ceiling views of Doha and the marina.  It was breathtaking.  The room smelled a little of smoke.  I am guessing there has been quite a few parties in this suite.  An interesting fact with Hilton Honors programs, usually the hotel uses the top floor or a floor close to the top for the Hilton Honors members.  This is an area to enjoy views, breakfast, cocktails or just catch up on work.  It is definitely a perk of staying at HIlton.  


Four Seasons


Favorite Affordable Foundation

I worked for Clinique and Borghese in my 20’s. During this time I would try many of the other cosmetic lines foundation. I would eventually stick with Laura Mercier foundation and powder for years. After starting FAVVES I would look for something more affordable for someone trying to start a company. I found L’ORÉAL True Match. For many years cosmetic companies would give you limited colors. Many would have a red or blue undertone. I have neutral skin so I was happy to find True Match. It is the perfect color at a great price and has SPF. And another important detail is that I can pick it up at most grocery stores and pharmacies. I still like the department store brands, but when you get a little older you think more about retirement or spending money on adventures. And I don’t think anyone has noticed my foundation has changed from when I worked in the department store. There are a couple of department brand cosmetics I continue to splurge on. You will notice those in other posts.


Favorite Current Binge Netflix Show

I am embarrassed to admit that I just started using our Netflix subscription. We subscribed to Netflix when we moved in to our home a year and a half ago. We tried to watch a couple of shows and then quickly went back to regular programming. My boyfriend is a fan of Big Bang Theory so we watch constant reruns of that show. My sister on a recent visit told me about Queer Eye. One of my best friends is gay and he lives in California. I miss him terribly. I am hoping to find a new gay buddy in Florida. There is nothing like a good gay buddy. This show has filled some of the void there is from him not being in my life.

Anyway, while my boyfriend was traveling last week I decided to see what my sister was talking about with Queer Eye. I was hooked….for the next 4 nights I only watched Queer Eye. I even gave up 60 Minutes one night. After losing my dog a couple of weeks ago, Queer Eye was the sunshine I needed. My favorite character is Jonathan Van Ness. I could watch him all day sashay around. As he exits the door there is usually a hair flip. LOVE HIM! On one of the episodes they help a gay/black foster child. I was so touched. I mentored foster kids in CA. They helped me more than I could ever help them. I haven’t mentored yet in Florida and after watching the episode where the guys help a foster kid out, I contacted a local chapter in the West Palm Beach area to sign up again for mentoring. If you have ever thought about mentoring a foster child…I highly recommend it!

My sister warned me to not watch too many episodes as they will be done before I know it. I have a couple more of season 3 to watch and then I will move on to other Netflix shows others have talked about. If you haven’t watched Queer Eye, be prepared for tears.