Travel – First Stop Mainz

We made it to Mainz, Germany! It was a long day of travel on the train to Miami and then flying in to Frankfurt. With the passing of our dog it was possible that I could accompany Matthias on his next business trip. With our dog having health issues in the past I didn’t want to travel. Finding someone to stay at the house with a cat…very easy. Anyway, we made it to a couple of pubs the first night. We were just in Mainz last year so we will not be touring the cathedral again. This trip will take us to Munich to visit Hofbrauhaus and Neuschwanstein Castle, Amsterdam to see the tulips, and ending in San Antonio for a conference.

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Favorite Dog – Sad Post

I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks. My fur baby Sam passed away. I have always loved pugs and can’t imagine having any other dog. Sam was almost 14 years old and went thru some hard times with me. I will never forget our road trip from California to Florida almost 2 years ago. He was a constant energy within 2 feet of me. His strong personality drove me crazy at times, but now I miss his bark. I thought he would live forever. God had a plan and early one morning 2 weeks ago he had a stroke and I knew it was time. Fortunately my parents from Minnesota and my sister were visiting. My boyfriend was out of town. He fell asleep in my arms at the vet. Anyway, I haven’t been feeling creative so I haven’t been able to post. Time is starting to heal. I was so blessed to have him so long. And the outpouring of love from family and friends has been overwhelming. ♥️

Sam on his favorite carpet.

With his friend Batia. She went to heaven before him last year. I have peace knowing they are together.

Living on Balboa Island

My favorite picture of us.

One of the last pictures of Sam. The post was to promote a new food he liked…as well as the bowl we used to feed him. Great bowl for dogs that inhale their food.

So glad to have his sister with us. They were a month a part in age.


Favorite Bakery

I can’t remember how many years ago it was that Nothing Bundt Cakes opened in the Newport Beach area where we lived. Until this date cupcake shops were opening up everywhere. If I was invited to a party I would bring cupcakes. Funny thing is, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so I never loved the cupcakes. Nothing Bundt Cakes opens up and I stop by for a sample…they usually have bite size samples available. I was in love. From that point on they became my go to bakery for birthdays and parties. What I really love about this bakery is that they offer Bundtinis…12 bite-sized cakes that you are able to choose the flavors. As we know as soon as you bring a chocolate cake, someone only likes white cake. There is another option of a Bundtlet. This is a about the size of a cupcake. I love to give these as a gift. And of course you have the big bundt cakes. There is a wide range of flavors to please everyone. Chocolate Chip, Classic Vanilla, Red Velvet, Carrot, Lemon, Marble, and my two favorites Pecan Praline and White Chocolate Raspberry. This year I bought my own birthday cake due to everyone being so busy. I don’t mind. Featured in the image is the large bundt cake and the Bundtinis. I apologize for the frosting being smeared on the large cake.



One of my Favorite Healthy Drinks

I am not a soda drinker, in fact I don’t know many that are any more. Drinking Mountain Dew in college gave me stomach problems. I took soda/caffeine out of my diet around age 23 and haven’t had a stomach problem since. I do like to drink something fizzy which a light beer satisfies. I would also try to drink plain soda water. I didn’t care for it. Even the flavored soda water never excited me.

I am a big fan of cold pressed juices. They can be expensive. I usually buy them when it is buy one, get one free. A couple of months ago my favorite cold pressed juice wasn’t on sale….but the Health Ade Kombucha was. I like any green juice as it seems healthier. I picked up the power greens version and wasn’t so impressed. After a couple more sips I was starting to enjoy the fizziness of the drink…and it is healthy! Their description is “a bubbly probiotic + superfoods.” You may or may not like the Power Greens flavor. I also prefer juice drinks with ginger and cayenne. I have tried other Kombucha. So far Health Ade is my favorite. To be honest…Kumbucha can be a bit expensive around $4 a bottle. I buy whichever Kumbucha is buy one, get one free.



Favorite Spice

After we moved to Florida we started to buy more frozen fish from Publix. A local professional fisherman told us that frozen fish can be better than fresh raw fish. Frozen fish is flash frozen on the boat…killing things we may not want to eat. Anyway, there is a guy ther works in the fish department at our local Publix that recommended Magic Seasoning Blends…Blackened Redfish Magic. We put it on all of our fish…and steaks! I highly recommend this seasoning.