Hofbrauhaus, Munich, Germany

Every trip to Munich should include a stop by the Hofbrahaus. Even if you don’t drink you should stop by to see the decor and get a feeling of old school Germany. I was amazed at the art on the ceiling. For some I thought the Hofbrahaus would be much bigger. Don’t get me wrong…it is big…but I had images in my head of it being more like the one in Las Vegas. Lol! We spent a little bit more tome there than what we thought we would. But, met some fun people. One couple joined us on our tour of castle Neuschwanstein the next day.

Love this big beer. Don’t like how I look in it! The weather is much drier than Florida. And I admit, we had been to a couple of other pubs before this one. It shows.

The locals have a table specially reserved for them. Next time…we are dressing up!


Keukenhof (Tulips!)

Keukenhof, Holland is where the tulip garden is…about half hour away from downtown Amsterdam. Every year from mid March to mid May visitors are able to see almost 60 acres of where 7 million flower bulbs are planted. We were there May 1 and we noticed some of the tulips were done for the season. There are so many flowers you hardly notice some are gone. Advice if you go here…go as early as possible in the day. Around 11 am it is so crazy you can hardly walk. We were glad to leave. I have never seen so many tour buses! Hope you enjoy the pictures. I did not use a filter on the pictures with flowers in them. 🌷. A couple of more days in Germany and then we head back to the US. Straight to a conference in San Antonio.


Neuschwanstein Castle

We drove from Munich to castle Neuschwanstein…I still struggle to say it. King Ludwig loves swans…and swan is in the name so that will help you in the future. Anyway, the drive was about two hours. You could feel the temp drop as we got closer to the castle. If you follow my posts you may notice a passion to view old mansions, churches and castles. As I reflect…many of those famous homes are not lived in very long by the person that built them. King Ludwig became king at a very young age. I would say he was eclectic and grand….with a touch of gaudy. He liked to live at night. From what I can tell he had a fascination with a male artist. After watching the Freddie Mercury story on the plane over to Germany…I am guessing King Ludwig was gay. They were similar. Touring the castle was not what I expected. You don’t see much of the castle because it wasn’t completed by the time they found King Ludwig and his psychiatrist dead in the lake. We were not allowed to take pictures inside the castle. I will post a link to the pictures. We were able to visit the servant quarters, the kings quarters, a room with a stage, a podium for a future throne and the kitchen. As you look around many things were shaped like a crown with bright jewels, for example the chandeliers. And the detail on hardware was evident…many shaped as swans.

Important advice! Buy your tickets online. The line to buy a ticket was very long. And you may end up on a tour hours later. Or maybe no tour may be available the rest of the day.

Poles in the villages that have symbol for trades/jobs you will find there.

Look closely, you will see the castle.

If your tour is not for a couple of hours. There is a restaurant up close to the castle. We stopped there for beer and pretzels. I. The way down from the castle we stopped for doughnuts.

Next door is the castle King Ludwig grew up in.

Follow the path to the back of the castle. There you will find this very high bridge. With the best shot of the castle.

Looking down from the bridge.

Beautiful view of the castle from the bridge.


Munich, Germany

Saturday we drove from Mainz to Munich. I LOVE Munich. So beautiful. Old historical buildings and a 910 acre English Garden with many canals…and believe it or not…surfers. We spent quite a bit of time in the market place and ended the night with big beers at Hofbrahaus.

Surfers in the canals!

I couldn’t stop looking at this building. So beautiful. Look toward the top of picture at the Glockenspiel. There are 32 life size figures. The figures come to life 3 times a day. The glockenspiel tells of 2 different stories. The top celebrates the marriage of Duke Wilhelm V to Renata of Lothringen. The bottom are performing the Schäfflertanz dance. This dance is only performed live every seven years. The Schäffler journeyman started this tradition of dancing to renew sense of joy in the city after the plague of 1517 was over. Munich lost half of almost 20,000 of their city to the plague.


Mainz, Germany 2019

Matthias is off to work. I have time to post some pics from the weekend. We were just in Mainz September last year so there will be an additional post for the 2018 trip.

Friday night we walked around Mainz. We stopped by a cute old restaurant hoping they would be serving white asparagus…and they were. It was a small restaurant run by a cute couple in their 70’s? The Mrs. recommended that we order ham and potatoes with our asparagus. It was the best meal I have ever had in Germany. We continued our night walking around the city and came across a wine festival. We met some new friends there. After a couple of hours we decided to go back to the hotel. We were hoping to get up early and drive to Munich. We were not on the road as early as we hoped.

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Review – Doha, Qatar


FAVVES is not only about favorites, it is also about Reviews and Wish Lists.

Three years ago we visited Dubai and Doha. Doha is the capital of Qatar.  My boyfriend has spent quite a bit of time in Doha on a project in the past, so he was the perfect tour guide.  I highly recommend Qatar Airways.  I would say that is one of the cleanest and most updated plane I have ever been on.  The main airport in Doha is Hamad International.  It is a very clean and safe airport.  

I loved this trip.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from Doha.  I was surprised to find this city charming, safe and full of history.  Ladies make sure to dress modestly and you won’t have any problems. Also public displays of affection are not a good idea.  

Standing next to Dhows for rent. Diplomatic area of Doha behind us.

Map of Doha and Dubai

img_3536Official mascot Orry the Oryx on the Corniche. Official mascot of the 2006 Asian Games, now being used for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Bid Ladies that lunch. Qatari women are not allowed to drink. In fact alcohol is only served in hotels. So instead of drinking, many Qataris smoke Dokha or Shisha.  Unlike Shisha,  Dokha is not cured with molasses. Dokha has higher concentration of nicotine compared to other forms of tobacco.

Souq Waqif

A must visit area is the Souq Waqif.  It is a market with a labyrinth of stores.  I was so impressed with the colorful spice stores.  You definitely get the feel of the history and culture of Qatar. Although it dates back a couple of hundred years, it was updated in 2006 to traditional Qatari architectural style.  It would be the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine to people watch…if only wine was allowed.  


Villagio Mall

We also stopped by the Villagio Mall. I am not much for shopping, but was told this is a mall you have to see.  I felt like we were at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.  As we followed the canals thru the mall we were in awe of much it looked like the Venetian.  Painted ceilings to look like the sky were unbelievable.  Canals with Gondola rides.  Was Villagio to duplicate Venice or the Venetian?  Hard to say…worth stopping by this mall.


Hyatt Doha

We are Hilton Honors members.  We were pleasantly surprised we were upgraded to the penthouse suite.  Floor to ceiling views of Doha and the marina.  It was breathtaking.  The room smelled a little of smoke.  I am guessing there has been quite a few parties in this suite.  An interesting fact with Hilton Honors programs, usually the hotel uses the top floor or a floor close to the top for the Hilton Honors members.  This is an area to enjoy views, breakfast, cocktails or just catch up on work.  It is definitely a perk of staying at HIlton.  


Four Seasons

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Favorite Special Occasion Restaurant in the Bahamas

On our recent trip to Nassau for my boyfriends 50th birthday, we were looking for somewhere special to celebrate. We went to the terrace at Dune Restaurant. This Michelin starred restaurant located close to the Atlantis hotel, is located at the Four Seasons Resort. We started the evening walking the beach and then enjoying a birthday cocktail in the lounge that overlooks the ocean. Dinner was served outside on the terrace. Our server was very helpful when we couldn’t decide on what to order. It was a beautiful night. I highly recommend this restaurant on the ocean for any occasion.