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Paint Brush Cover

This is a random post about a favorite new painting product. I have been painting our master bedroom this past week. My German engineer boyfriend loves perfection…of course. He has been traveling on and off over the last month. On a recent trip home he discovered a garbage bag full of used brushes and rollers. He questioned why there were so many and why I didn’t just clean them. Really? I have tried to clean brushes and they never seem to be soft enough to use again. While shopping at Home Depot I noticed this brush case for wet brushes. I quickly picked one up. After painting that day I stored my brush with paint on it in this case. I was so happy the next day to find it ready to use. I went back to Home Depot to pick up the storage case for the roller brush…but found out they just discontinued both products the previous day. I stored my roller in a plastic bag and that seems to work. Anyway, if you have an upcoming project and you see this product in a store, buy it! I am sure they can be bought online too. Now if I could find a product to make me a better painter.