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Favorite Paint for Doors and Trim

By this post, you can tell what I worked on this past week. Painting baseboards and doors. Dirty, scuffed up baseboards have always been a pet-peeve of mine. Freshly painted baseboards can liven up a dull room.

It would be so nice when a person sells their home that they would leave a list of paint used in the home. The previous owner left old paint cans that were almost empty of various paints, some matched current colors in the home…some didn’t . Our baseboards and doors ranged in colors of bright white, warm white, and white painted over black with one coat. Our house has a couple of pocket doors…doors that slide in to a wall. Our master bathroom has a pocket door that has the color described above as white paint painted over black.
From previous listings of our house I found that the master bathroom had all black tile and paint with touches of red. Since we have moved in this door has bothered me. I figured since no one really sees it, it could go to the bottom of my list of to do items. I had some extra time this weekend and decided to tackle this project.

Back to the paint. My favorite for trim and doors is White Dove in high gloss. I work with a designer socialite in Palm Beach and she said you should always use high gloss on trim and doors. It is a personal preference, but I have adapted it as my own personal preference. High gloss paint is so easy to clean. The White Dove color is a great neutral that could be used with cool or warm colors. In my office I have White Dove in a semi-gloss. You wouldn’t want to use a high gloss on a big bookcase, it can be too much gloss. I also found on my bookcase that I needed to bring in a professional to paint it. There is too much detail for a brush or a roller. We hired someone to come in to spray the bookcase for a nice finish.

Home Decor

Favorite Table Runner Brand

Williams Sonoma Runner

It may be cold and snowy where you are right now. Just know that spring is around the corner. It is a beautiful morning in Florida today. Around 75 degrees. I decided to decorate for spring early. I love to change the decor in the house with the season. My favorite table runners are from Williams Sonoma. They are classic, colorful and brighten any dining room. I also bought this pattern in a circle tablecloth for an outdoor table for summer. Now I need buy the matching dishes!


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Favorite Soap/Gift to Give

When I was living in California I swear there was a celebration of a birthday just about every weekend. Seriously. Between happy hour with the girls and a gift it can get to be very expensive. I found at a boutique store by house a hand soap that was cute and smelled really nice. It seems like something you wouldn’t buy for yourself….though I do. My favorite is from Michel Design Works, Lemon Basil. I change my soap at home to match the season of the year. The design is so elegant. And like is said…perfect for a gift. You can find this soap on Amazon. And sometimes older designs/smells…at HomeGoods.


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One of my Favorite Candles

There are a couple of favorite candle smells that I love! One is from Tommy Bahama and the other is anything with grapefruit. I was at Publix grocery store the other day and didn’t have time to drive to any other type of store to buy a candle. I walked down the candle isle and found that Febreze had a collections of candles. I was excited to smell one that is almost identical to the more expensive candle at Tommy Bahama. I burn this candle all day. Long lasting. Try it out! My favorite is Orange Mango.