Munich, Germany

Saturday we drove from Mainz to Munich. I LOVE Munich. So beautiful. Old historical buildings and a 910 acre English Garden with many canals…and believe it or not…surfers. We spent quite a bit of time in the market place and ended the night with big beers at Hofbrahaus.

Surfers in the canals!

I couldn’t stop looking at this building. So beautiful. Look toward the top of picture at the Glockenspiel. There are 32 life size figures. The figures come to life 3 times a day. The glockenspiel tells of 2 different stories. The top celebrates the marriage of Duke Wilhelm V to Renata of Lothringen. The bottom are performing the Schäfflertanz dance. This dance is only performed live every seven years. The Schäffler journeyman started this tradition of dancing to renew sense of joy in the city after the plague of 1517 was over. Munich lost half of almost 20,000 of their city to the plague.

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