Neuschwanstein Castle

We drove from Munich to castle Neuschwanstein…I still struggle to say it. King Ludwig loves swans…and swan is in the name so that will help you in the future. Anyway, the drive was about two hours. You could feel the temp drop as we got closer to the castle. If you follow my posts you may notice a passion to view old mansions, churches and castles. As I reflect…many of those famous homes are not lived in very long by the person that built them. King Ludwig became king at a very young age. I would say he was eclectic and grand….with a touch of gaudy. He liked to live at night. From what I can tell he had a fascination with a male artist. After watching the Freddie Mercury story on the plane over to Germany…I am guessing King Ludwig was gay. They were similar. Touring the castle was not what I expected. You don’t see much of the castle because it wasn’t completed by the time they found King Ludwig and his psychiatrist dead in the lake. We were not allowed to take pictures inside the castle. I will post a link to the pictures. We were able to visit the servant quarters, the kings quarters, a room with a stage, a podium for a future throne and the kitchen. As you look around many things were shaped like a crown with bright jewels, for example the chandeliers. And the detail on hardware was evident…many shaped as swans.

Important advice! Buy your tickets online. The line to buy a ticket was very long. And you may end up on a tour hours later. Or maybe no tour may be available the rest of the day.

Poles in the villages that have symbol for trades/jobs you will find there.

Look closely, you will see the castle.

If your tour is not for a couple of hours. There is a restaurant up close to the castle. We stopped there for beer and pretzels. I. The way down from the castle we stopped for doughnuts.

Next door is the castle King Ludwig grew up in.

Follow the path to the back of the castle. There you will find this very high bridge. With the best shot of the castle.

Looking down from the bridge.

Beautiful view of the castle from the bridge.

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