Food and Drink

Favorite Berries

Sorry for not posting so much lately. I have been studying for my real estate test in Florida. I didn’t want to sell real estate again, but I do enjoy meeting people and making money while working on FAVVES is also welcomed.

If you like my travel posts, check back over the next two weeks. We will be going on some fun adventures.

FAVVES is for anything that is a favorite. My mom and dad stay with us in Florida for a couple of months during the winter. They usually introduce us to something we work in to our menu at the house. This year was the frozen mixed berries. I LOVE berries, especially blueberries. They can be expensive at times. My parents like to buy them at Walmart. We buy them at our local Publix. We pour frozen berries in to a container we keep in the refrigerator and then they are ready for quick consumption. Favorite ways to eat these berries…#1 for me is with whipped cream…otherwise we use them in smoothies, yogurt, topping for pancakes, crepes with sherry, or just plain.

Enjoy your week!

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