Favorite Current Binge Netflix Show

I am embarrassed to admit that I just started using our Netflix subscription. We subscribed to Netflix when we moved in to our home a year and a half ago. We tried to watch a couple of shows and then quickly went back to regular programming. My boyfriend is a fan of Big Bang Theory so we watch constant reruns of that show. My sister on a recent visit told me about Queer Eye. One of my best friends is gay and he lives in California. I miss him terribly. I am hoping to find a new gay buddy in Florida. There is nothing like a good gay buddy. This show has filled some of the void there is from him not being in my life.

Anyway, while my boyfriend was traveling last week I decided to see what my sister was talking about with Queer Eye. I was hooked….for the next 4 nights I only watched Queer Eye. I even gave up 60 Minutes one night. After losing my dog a couple of weeks ago, Queer Eye was the sunshine I needed. My favorite character is Jonathan Van Ness. I could watch him all day sashay around. As he exits the door there is usually a hair flip. LOVE HIM! On one of the episodes they help a gay/black foster child. I was so touched. I mentored foster kids in CA. They helped me more than I could ever help them. I haven’t mentored yet in Florida and after watching the episode where the guys help a foster kid out, I contacted a local chapter in the West Palm Beach area to sign up again for mentoring. If you have ever thought about mentoring a foster child…I highly recommend it!

My sister warned me to not watch too many episodes as they will be done before I know it. I have a couple more of season 3 to watch and then I will move on to other Netflix shows others have talked about. If you haven’t watched Queer Eye, be prepared for tears.

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