Favorite Speakeasy

I admit I haven’t been to many speakeasies (hidden place to drink, think prohibition period in the 1920s). On a trip to Dallas for a conference we stayed at the newly reopened Statler Hotel. I will save the details of the Statler Hotel for another post…it was amazing! Anyway, after any conference or touring we do in a city we like to end our day in the hotel lounge. After we toured the John F. Kennedy Memorial we went back to the hotel for a night cap. We were not impressed with the hotel scene so we asked the hostess if she could recommend a lounge close by that we could go to. She smiles and then asks us to follow her. She leads us down a hallway…downstairs in to a basement area…and then drops us off in a small room with an old telephone booth with benches. We looked at each other questioning what was going on when we looked for her, she was gone. We looked in to the telephone booth and it had a sign to call a specific number. Again, we were so confused and decided we should call the number. As I was pushing the numbers a wall opens up to a hidden bar! The name of the bar is Bourbon & Banter. We were told it is the same bar Tina threw her ring at Ike in a breakup. Anyway, we sat at the bar and ordered a couple of items. Our go to is usually a charcuterie plate. It was a amazing.

We are now addicted to finding speakeasies in future trips. Please share if you have favorite speakeasies you have been to.

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