Favorite Tour in Dubai

To be fair, we only went on one tour…so it is our favorite. If you are going to Dubai for the first time, I highly recommend the Red Bus tour. We bought the hop on, hop off 3 day package. After the 3 day tour we knew the places we wanted to go back to. We visited the marina area, old town and the new part of Dubai. We sat on the upper deck of the bus to fully take in the skyscrapers. I was amazed how each skyscraper top was a piece of art…so different and unique from the others. It was interesting how many skyscrapers there are to people walking around. Many may be at the main malls, Dubai Mall or Mall of the Emirates. Fun fact, you can ski at the Mall of the Emirates. We had lunch at a restaurant overlooking the skiers. The tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, can be found at the Dubai Mall. I love the Dubai Mall. I am not so interested in shopping, but to walk around this mall to people watch was incredible. We stopped by a kiosk to dress up as the locals do. My favorite part of the trip was the Sunset Desert Safari. The safari was part of the Red Bus tour. I highly recommend dinner in the desert. Bring a sweater as it can cold when the sun goes down. Speaking of how ladies should dress, cover your shoulders and legs to the knee. When you go to the mall, you will see tourists wearing shorts and tank tops. Outside of the mall, I am guessing you may be looked down on. The marina area seems very up and coming so you may be ok there. One final thing, when riding the train, you will see at the beginning of the train an area marked off in pink. In the train there will be a pink line. Men, DO NOT Cross this line, you will be scolded. It is an area for only women to stand in. My boyfriend was scolded. He felt bad as he is well traveled and never knew about the pink line. Kind of like their pink cab drivers…only for women passengers and male companion. Men can not take a pink cab on their own. I could go on and on about Dubai. I may talk about it more in future posts. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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