One of my Favorite Healthy Drinks

I am not a soda drinker, in fact I don’t know many that are any more. Drinking Mountain Dew in college gave me stomach problems. I took soda/caffeine out of my diet around age 23 and haven’t had a stomach problem since. I do like to drink something fizzy which a light beer satisfies. I would also try to drink plain soda water. I didn’t care for it. Even the flavored soda water never excited me.

I am a big fan of cold pressed juices. They can be expensive. I usually buy them when it is buy one, get one free. A couple of months ago my favorite cold pressed juice wasn’t on sale….but the Health Ade Kombucha was. I like any green juice as it seems healthier. I picked up the power greens version and wasn’t so impressed. After a couple more sips I was starting to enjoy the fizziness of the drink…and it is healthy! Their description is “a bubbly probiotic + superfoods.” You may or may not like the Power Greens flavor. I also prefer juice drinks with ginger and cayenne. I have tried other Kombucha. So far Health Ade is my favorite. To be honest…Kumbucha can be a bit expensive around $4 a bottle. I buy whichever Kumbucha is buy one, get one free.


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